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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an effective way to resolve an infection that is present inside a tooth and prevent the tooth from needing to be extracted. It allows for the tooth to be healthy, strong, and to look natural.  

The inside of a tooth is known as the pulp. A potentially serious infection can occur if harmful bacteria are able to access this portion of the tooth. This may happen due to a deep cavity or damage from injury. Without treatment, the infection can be serious and the tooth may need to be extracted.


How do I know if I need one?

Sometimes, these teeth can be symptomatic or uncomfortable but often they have no sensation at all. Some warning signs often include:

- Throbbing pain preventing sleep

- Swelling, foul taste/smell, or a bubble in the gums

- A dull ache

- Discomfort with biting or pressure

What should I expect during the procedure?

Local anesthetic is given to freeze the tooth to ensure everything is comfortable. We do offer different levels of sedation, if needed. The procedure is often longer than getting a filling and can often be completed in one appointment. Each tooth is different and sometimes the procedure requires more than one visit.

The inner portion of the tooth is accessed, the tooth is cleaned with small files and solutions, and the inside of the tooth is filled prior to the permanent restoration being placed.  

A crown is recommended after certain teeth have completed a root canal to prevent the treated tooth from cracking or breaking in the future.

Will it be painful?

It's a misconception that root canals are painful. The procedure is very similar in comfort to having a filling. Still, It is our goal to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

Afterwards, it is normal to have some minor discomfort following the procedure that should be manageable with over the counter pain medications, if needed.