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5510 Manotick Main St.

About Evergreen

Our Environmental Commitment is like our name, Evergreen

At Evergreen, we’re passionate about oral health and committed to environmental responsibility in every aspect of our practice.

From our office design to product choices and reducing waste and natural resource consumption, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing your comfort and care.

Minimizing our Ecological Footprint

Water Saving Choices

Sustainability is at the core of our ethos. Unlike many dental offices that rely on continuous water flow for suction, we've invested in a dry vacuum system that uses virtually no water. This small change has a big environmental impact, saving the equivalent of 40,000 toilet flushes or enough water to fill an average-size swimming pool every month!

Embracing the Three R's

We're also dedicated to the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle. We use sterilization pouches designed for recycling, locally-produced reusable bibs ('Eco Bibs' from Gatineau), and biodegradable gloves. Our digital scanner allows us to reduce travel to and from our clinic by dental labs.

Our custom cabinetry features built-in recycling bins, making it easy for our staff to recycle as much as possible, while digital radiographs further reduce our reliance on traditional materials.

We chose intelligent software for patient's charts that allows forms and medical documentation to be encrypted, stored, and shared safely without needing to use paper.  

Reducing Energy Consumption

Evergreen Dental Care’s office is illuminated by energy-efficient LED lighting, reducing electricity consumption without compromising brightness or quality. We've embraced digital technology, utilizing digital impressions and sending cases to the lab electronically, cutting down on paper usage and streamlining our processes for a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our day-to-day operations to include building improvements such as improved insulation, more efficient HVAC systems, and upgraded electrical components. These enhancements reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more comfortable and eco-friendly dental experience for our patients.

We've also implemented an in-office high-efficiency laundry system to reduce consumables, minimizing our reliance on disposable materials. As part of our dedication to environmental stewardship, we proudly practice amalgam-free dentistry, prioritizing materials and practices that are safe for our patients and gentle on the planet.

At Evergreen Dental Care, we believe that caring for your smile shouldn't come at the expense of the planet. That's why we're committed to being an eco-friendly dentistry office, ensuring that your dental experience is as sustainable as it is satisfying.

Join us in our journey toward a healthier planet, one smile and one environmentally responsible decision at a time.

Discover the difference in environmentally responsible dental care at Evergreen Dental Care.

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